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July, August, Sept 2001 Issue                                                                                                    Club News & Information

Club Officers

Marcie McGinty 376-0890

Vice President:
Jay Rightnowar 376-0890

Joyce Harness 362-1223

Jackie Depin 343-4674

Gene Koozer 466-5284

Events Coordinators:
Dixie Jenkins 376-8328
Bill Grant 462-3024
Art Heindselman 377-9136
Paula Sabo 466-4438


Marcie donates $200 from our club to
Major Jack Phillips of the Salvation Army

Photos from the awards banquet at the 2001 Northwest Fiero Fest. Well done!!


Black Canyon - August 26, 2001

Officers Present:
President - Marci McGinty
Vice President - Jay Rightnower
Secretary - Marilee Heindselman
Treasurer - Joyce Harness
Newsletter Chair - Gene Koozer

Members Present:
Don and Joyce Harness
Bill Grant
Art and Marilee Heindselman
Steve and Dixie Jenkins

Minutes of the previous meeting read and approved.

Bill read a letter of recognition from International Fiero of the Fiero Festival in August at the Tri- Cities.

We have received some inquiries from prospective members via E-mail. Please send along anything you might receive in that regard.

The club website is being reworked so bear with us if you have run into trouble trying to get to it.

Old business:
Bill Grant gave a full report on the after details of the Festival. Money due back to the club will be forthcoming shortly. Thanks to everyone who worked on and made the effort to attend the festival. Special thanks to Bill for all his trips to meetings and arrangements to make the festival a success.
If you have any suggestions for next year feel free to let Bill know.
Some that members present had were: better advertising and notice of event to clubs. We would like to see registration sent out earlier, maybe January or February so people can get their plans made sooner.

New business:
Art Heindselman gave details on next months event, which is an overnighter to Warm Lake.
Awards banquet- October 21. 2001
Entertainment books are available for purchase. They will be $20 this year( same size book)

Receipts & Expenses
Expenses-$55.00 postage, $28.81 prizes. $138.44 Fiero Festival
Balance in account is $1108.26

Meeting adjourned at 3:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Marcie McGinty
Club President

Warm Lake - Sept. 22,2001

Abbreviated meeting at Warm Lake campground. Also club picnic.
Meeting convened by Pres. Marci McGinty at 7:30 p.m.

Officers Present:
President Marci McGinty
Vice President Jay Rightnower
Secretary Marilee Heindselman
Treasurer Joyce Harness

Members Present:
Paul Heindselman
Don and Joyce Harness
Art Heindselman
Karl Gautschi
Bill Grant

Old business:
Discussion of Fiero Festival 2001 wrap up. Possibility of moving show site next year. Also maybe adding some new activities and events to encourage more participation in the future. Any suggestions may be given to Bill Grant , our rep. To the festival committee. All agreed it would be good to get registration forms out either /or online and mailed much sooner than has been done in the past. A big thanks to all participants and sponsors from southwest Idaho.

New Business:
October event is the annual awards dinner. Marci will check on restaurant arrangements and time. Please fill out your nomination sheets to vote.
No treasure's report. Entertainment books are available now from Joyce Harness. They are $20 this year.

All at the lake and barbeque had a great time. Weather was outstanding for September.

Respectfully Submitted,

Marcie McGinty
Club President

Boise Idaho River Festival,
Ann Morrison Park June 24, 2001

Officers Present:
President Marci McGinty
Vice President Jay Rightnower
Secretary Marilee Heindselman
Treasurer Joyce Harness

Members Present:
Gene Koozer
Guy and Darlene Blakslee
Steve and Dixie Jenkins
Don and Joyce Harness
Don Wisdom
Bill Grant
Marilee and Art Heindselman
Guest - Martha

Old business:
Don Harness would like to obtain S.W.F.I.C. decals for club member's car windows. He will check into particulars.

New Business:
Fiero Fest 2002 will be August 9,10, 11 in Richland Washington.
Bill Grant has arranged for a new location for the judged show for next year. There is a nice park close to the Shiloh Inn. Accommodations will available there again for those who want to stay there. Some new events have been suggested for 2002 ; anything you may think of can be forwarded to Bill.

November meeting- Bowling . Location TBD. Dixie Jenkins is events coordinator for this activity.

December meeting and Christmas party is Dec.16, 2001. Guy and Darlene Blakeslee will host club members and guests at their house .

Receipts & Expenses:
Treas. Report- $1137.87 for September
$1142.02 for October

Events coordinators- discussion for a better system of assigning coordinators. Art Heindselman suggested individuals or families be responsible for one event each. The events coordinator will oversee and help if necessary. Motion seconded and passed.

Awards for club year events-
Hard Luck award- Paula Sabo
Club participation- Gene Koozer
Member of the year- Bill Grant

Meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Marcie McGinty
Club President



F.O.C.O.A. (Fiero Owners Club Of America) (714) 978-3132. If you would like to place an order with them and do not have a subscription be sure to tell them that you are with the SWIF Club.
Fiero Store: Located in Connecticut, this Fiero-only store carries almost every part you could need to repair your Fiero. 1-800-FIERO-GT
Internatioinal Research Motorsports: (IRM) 18100 Cashell Road, Rockville, MD 20853 Order desk: 9301 948-3301 or 800-367-8423. (Ask for FOA discount when ordering as our Club is an Associate)
Jay Rightnowar: From engine swaps to painting, if you need any kind of work on your Fiero, Jay can do it.


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Membership fees are due the month of March of each year, as this is the Club's anniversary month.

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