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January, February, March 2001 Issue                                                                                                 Club News & Information

2000 Boise River Festival
Club Officers

Marcie McGinty 376-0890

Vice President:
Jay Rightnowar 376-0890

Joyce Harness 362-1223

Jackie Depin 343-4674

Gene Koozer 466-5284

Events Coordinators:
Dixie Jenkins 376-8328
Bill Grant 462-3024
Art Heindselman 377-9136
Paula Sabo 466-4438

2000 Northwest Fiero Festival... aka... Hot Cars In The Sun

Message from the president, March 2001.

Greetings to all members of the Southwest Idaho Fiero Club

In January the club had its yearly election of officers. I was nominated to be your club President for the up coming year. I became a club member in 1997 and served as your club Secretary in 1999 and 2000. I am looking forward to fulfilling all club duties as President and hope this new year will be an eventful, memorable year for all of us.

At this time I would like to personally Thank Don Harness, Bill Grant, Paul Heindselman and Joyce Harness for all their dedication and commitment they contributed to the club during the two-year term we served together.

Also, Congratulations to Jay Rightnowar, Joyce Harness, Jackie Depin and Gene Koozer for their appointed positions as officers and to the events coordinators Art Heindselman, Dixie Jenkins and Paula Sabo.

Should any member need anything at anytime I will do my best to assist you so please contact me at anytime.

Marcie McGinty
Club President

Hello Fiero Owners and SWIFC Members:

I want to write a quick note to thank all of those who have supported our club. I ask all of you to continue to show your support to Marcie.

I wish to thank everyone's support over the years as your president. Even in retirement, I will continue to attend the club meetings and ask all of the members to continue to pass out the Fiero flyers on cars, to notify owners of our club.

I also ask as many members as possible to attend the Fiero Festivals. They are a lot of fun. You meet other Fiero owners from other clubs and see their cars.

Joyce and I will help the club as much as we can.

Thank you,
Don Harness


F.O.C.O.A. (Fiero Owners Club Of America) (714) 978-3132. If you would like to place an order with them and do not have a subscription be sure to tell them that you are with the SWIF Club.
Fiero Store: Located in Connecticut, this Fiero-only store carries almost every part you could need to repair your Fiero. 1-800-FIERO-GT
International Research Motorsports: (IRM) 18100 Cashell Road, Rockville, MD 20853. Order desk:9301) 948-3301 or 800-367-8423. (Ask for FOA discount when ordering as our Club is an Associate)
Jay Rightnowar: From engine swaps to painting, if you need any kind of work on your Fiero, Jay can do it.


All Magazines and Newsletters are on a check-out basis. Please, return them once you are finished so that others may enjoy them. See Jackie.

  • All F.O.A. back issues are available.
  • F.O.C.O.A. issues. (Membership forms available)
  • IRM Catalog. "Great Catalog"
  • Fiero Store Catalog
  • We are receiving many of the other Club's Newsletters. Please, take a minute to read what's happening in the world of the other Clubs.
  • Witzenburg Fiero Book (a fine history book)
  • 1996 Fiero Price Guide
  • Fiero, the Movie. 30 minutes of Motorweek road tests. 83-88


Membership fees are due the month of March of each year, as this is the Club's anniversary month. If there is an asterisk (*) in front of your name on the label of your newsletter, your dues are due and this is your last newsletter. If a new membership form is needed, please feel free to give Joyce a call and she will be glad to mail you one.

Rates are as follows:
Membership dues are $20 per year
Associate Membership is $10 per year, this entitles you to a monthly Newsletter and to join all runs. You do not have any voting rights.

We do send complimentary issues of our Newsletter. But to continue receiving them, payment must be sent to the Southwest Idaho Fiero Club as a Member or Assoc. Member, address located at the bottom of the Newsletter.


If you have Internet access, you should check out these sites as they contain tons of useful and interesting information:


Any articles you wish to be included in this Newsletter must be turned into Gene Koozer by the 20th of the month prior to publication.
(phone: 466-5284) Publication of SWIFT will be around the 1st day of every third month.

The SOUTHWEST IDAHO FIERO CLUB will meet the 3rd Sunday of each month. Club runs will start in March and run through October of each season.

Don't forget your ads in SWIFT are free. Encourage other Fiero owners to advertise with us, whether or not they are buying or selling. Membership is not required.

Our Club colors are Black and Red, black outline with red car.

GOOD NEWS On the road again

Bill Grant's black 1985 SE is running again after an extended rest. The car, not Bill. The culprit was a bad fuel pump.

Gene Koozer's red 1984 SE is no longer leaving oil tracks in parking spaces. It took the entire tube of gasket maker on the oil pan, but at least it sealed this time. A new starter and new high energy ignition coil even made so that it could get from one parking space to another.

Driver's Notice

Exhaustive independent testing by several Fiero owners at significant personal expense shows that plastic bodied cars do indeed show up on police radar. No further testing is deemed necessary

Trivia for the Millionaire's Show

Aerodynamic Coefficient Curb Type of of Drag Weight
1984 Coupe 0.377 2464 lb.
1985-86 Coupe 0.377 2505 lb.
1987-88 Coupe 0.357 2546 lb.
1985 GT 0.350 2572 lb.
1986 SE 0.350 2531 lb.
1987 SE 0.350 2567 lb.
1986 GT 0.365 2696 lb.
1987 GT 0.365 2708 lb.
1988 GT 0.365 2735 lb.

2001 events schedule

January: Club meeting at The Pantry
Vote on New Club officers , discuss meetings & events

February: Bowling At 20th Century Lanes

March 18th: Givens Hot Springs

April 22nd: Jackpot, Nevada (Club over-nighter)

May: Hells Canyon

June: Boise Idaho River Festival

July: Jazz Festival & Winery

July 13-15th Annual Western Regional Fiero Fest in
San Francisco, California

August: Black Canyon (Club Picnic)

August 10-12th 2nd Annual Fiero West Fest in Tri Cities,

September: Warm Lake (Club overnighter)

October: Club awards banquet (TBD)

November: Club meeting (TBD)

December: Club Christmas Party (TBD)

Meetings and Club events are scheduled for every third Sunday of the month unless otherwise noted.


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