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Steve and Dixie's 1986 SE
Grazing In The Grass
With Friends

Line Up In Pairs

Final Instructions To Drivers

The Drag Strip

And They Are Off!!!!!!

Am I Winning, Or Are You?

You Could Win By Being Behind

Winners Of The Combined May Fun Run Events

Boise River Festival - 2001


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June 2002

Hello club members and Happy Summer to you all.

Ahh; here it is summertime. The time of the year I enjoy most. I hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer I'm really looking forward to this years Tri-cities Fiero Fest. I hope that all you club members can put this event on your calendar and be there this year as I know it will be an event you will not want to miss. Keep in mind that we also need to start collecting trophy donation and raffle items.

I would like to put out a personal THANK YOU to Art and his grandchildren for putting together a fun filled day last month. Those of you who were not in attendance sure missed out. Also, I would like to personally thank Emily for all her effort on the club web site. She has done a wonderful job putting it together and keeping everything updated. THANKS, Emily!!

I would also like to express my appreciation to all those members who have done such a great job on getting their event planned and organized on time. I think the change we made for club events and meetings has turned out well.

Respectfully Submitted,
Marcie McGinty
Club President


Membership fees are due the month of March of each year, as this is the Club's anniversary month. If there is an asterisk (*) in front of your name on the label of your newsletter, your dues are due and this is your last newsletter. If a new membership form is needed, please feel free to give Joyce a call and she will be glad to mail you one.

Rates are as follows:
Membership dues are $20 per year
Associate Membership is $10 per year. This entitles you to a monthly Newsletter and to join all runs. You do not have any voting rights.

We do send complimentary issues of our Newsletter. But to continue receiving them, payment must be sent to the Southwest Idaho Fiero Club as a Member or Assoc. Member, address located at the bottom of the Newsletter.


Any articles you wish to be included in this Newsletter must be turned into Gene Koozer by the 20th of the month prior to publication.
(phone: 466-5284)

Publication of SWIFT will be around the 1st day of every third month.

The SOUTHWEST IDAHO FIERO CLUB will meet the 3rd Sunday of each month. Club runs will start in March and run through October of each season.

Our Club colors are Black and Red, black outline with red car.

NOTE: SWIFC Mailing Address

Southwest Idaho Fiero Club
P.O. Box 190144
Boise, ID 83719

Club Officers

President: Marcie McGinty - 376-0890
Vice President: Jay Rightnowar - 376-0890
Treasurer: Joyce Harness - 362-1223
Secretaries: Marilee Hiendselman - 377-9136, Dixie Jenkins 376-8328
Editor: Gene Koozer - 466-5284
Head Events Coordinator: Art Heindselman - 377-9136


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