Paul Heindselman's 86 SE 2M6

Before and After

My first car :) Purchased in 1996, my senior year of High School (Thanks Dad!). After returning home from college and paying off old debts the fun began.

Original Specifications: Current Specifications (Approximate)

0-60 - .............6.9
1/4-mile - .........15.2@90
Skidpad (g) - ...... .88
Braking 60-0 - .....135 feet
Top speed - ........130 mph
Slalom - ...........63.9 mph
Horsepower - .......... 140bhp

0-60 - .............6.8
1/4-mile - .........15.0@91
Skidpad (g) - ...... .92
Braking 60-0 - .....115 feet
Top speed - ........130 mph
Slalom - ...........65.9 mph+
Horsepower - .......... 150bhp

Note on above numbers: These are loose approximations base on the modifications done to my car versus stock numbers. I have yet to officially test any of this stuff. Hopefully soon though!

The Pictures

Early Progress

Lowered Left Rear
One of the first things I fixed was the nasty fender gap inherant on stock Fieros. KYB shocks and struts, new front and rear anti-sway bars and 1.5" lowering springs were added to bring the car closer to earth and reduce body roll during hard cornering. Later all the A-arm bushings were replaced with polyurathane to flatten out cornering even more. After breaking 2 front crossmembers due to collapsed springs we cut 2 coils from the stock springs, reinforce welded the upper control arm mounts and cut 1.5" from the bump stops.

Brake Rotor
Next, a crossdrilled brake package and braided stainless brake lines from The Fiero Store were added. This was a nice improvement over the stock solid rotors.

Exhaust Tips
Once the running gear of the car was in order I started to help the engine breath a little easier. Borla catback exhaust, ported exhaust manifolds, and high flow catalytic converter give a nice sound and a few extra horsepower. On the intake side, a Holley side scoop, drilled out water separator, and K&N air filter help keep up with the modified exhaust.


New Engine
At just about 120,000 miles the original V6 quietly annouced its retirement. Since this was my only car at the time, and I wasn't exactly rolling in money I decided to pull the engine, have it rebuilt and clean everything up.

The Future!

after several years and lots and lots of $$$.....

This is a design concept done in Photoshop. This includes most of the future plans for the car. Hopefully I'll get this done while the parts are still available! This project will probably come close to $15,000 by the time all is said and done! Plans include:

IMSA Fiero Concept

Questions about Paul's car? Email Paul or for Fiero concepts and other Fiero Fun Stuff check out my Fiero Design Page